Electro-pneumatic Hammer Drills: Most Evolved Hammer Drill

Electro-pneumatic Hammer Drills: Most Evolved Hammer Drill

Drilling dates back to the ancient times when people used to drill bamboo canes. Starting from the bamboo drilling the rod pieces the entire process has evolved itself into a passive improving system that is producing heavy drilling machinery, which is being used in the oil fields and mining sites.

The most advanced evolved and the latest addition to the family of the hammer drills is the electro-pneumatic hammer drills.

These best hammer drills are the preferable drill for the professionals because of its cutting-edge utility and state of art technology. This hammer drills act as magic in constructional hurdles for the engineers to overcome.


Working Mechanism

Electro-pneumatics run on the technology of pneumatics clubbed with electromagnetism. Pneumatics is mainly the force or thrust associated with balancing air pressure. The resultant thrust between the balance of the air pressure leads to the generation of power which in terms acts as a resultant.

These drill hammers consist of a drill bit that has got its tail attached to a piledriver. This pile driver is so arranged with valves that its movement is enforced by the entry and the exit of the air at a tremendous speed which in turn causes a to and fro movement of the piledriver. Now, this very high-speed movement of the pile driver leads to generate the rpm of the drill bit.

Along with this, inside of the cylinder, there is a flying piston which is also functioning the same from the opposite side. This creates an air compression and that is a failsafe act to pull and push the rotating cast bit along its axis. This produces the hammering cum drilling activities at the same time.

All this together allows the Electro-pneumatic hammer drills to generate Drill and Hammering separately – giving it a twin function property if are interested you can get more info.


Advantages of using Electro-pneumatic Hammer Drills

Since this kind of hammer drills come with the latest technology the list of the positives is enough high to cover up a negligible con. Most relevant advantages are as follows:

Ø  The absence of electric motors & wires provides a no shock zone making the security of the field persons secured.

Ø  The better productivity of energy in the small package.

Ø  It not only comes with advanced technology but also easy handling system and procedure.

Ø  It can be used in all kind of environments, starting from mining sites to tunnels & evacuation

Ø  Round the year, all season friendly machinery.

Ø  Though servicing is necessary, it provides easy and quick services at a low cost & a low downtime.